COMMANDO Training Centre Security Agency specialises in security actions as well as counselling and training in terms of broadly understood safety of persons and business entities. We have been operating on the market since the beginning of 2001.

We ensure professional protection of people and property – VIP, private and institutional facilities security, mass events security, trademark protection.

We conduct training courses on safety of employee groups and employees at particular risk:

  • trainings for journalists travelling to regions of armed conflicts,
  • trainings on safety for people travelling to regions at risk of armed conflict or terrorism,
  • special training in employee safety in relation to risk of terrorist acts or robbery,
  • training on the safe use of weapons.


Our team consists of professionals from special units of the Polish Army, such as 62 Kompania Specjalna (62nd Special Company), GROM and specialised police units which fight against organised crime. We recruit people with experience in combat, participating in armed conflicts around the world.